The following are items that we salvaged to preserve the history of the Arctic Discoverer and the Ship of Gold expedition. Some of these items are going to be placed in the Jacquot & Son Mining Museum. My goal is to someday create a treasure hunting museum somewhere along the coast of South Carolina or Florida. This museum would feature historic treasure vessels like the Arctic Discoverer and the Ship of Gold expedition and the accomplishments of Tommy Thompson and his crew. The museum would also have a section devoted to other treasures with a special area displaying the gems, minerals and fossils from the southeastern United States.

The discovery of the SS Central America and the artifacts and gold recovered is considered by many to be the greatest treasure ever found in American history. I envision a museum like the one Mel Fishers family has for their discovery of the Atocha in Florida, to preserve the history for future generations.

Until then, you can enjoy these items here at our online museum. If you see something you like, there may be one like it for sale in the store.

All items were collected by Jacquot & Son Mining

Electro Acustic




More Items Coming Soon!