R/V Arctic Discoverer
1958 - 2013


Salvaging the Salvager

The last days of the R/V Arctic Discoverer

2nd Salvage Trip, August, 2013

Towards the end of August, I was again back at the ship, this time I was there Monday through Friday working 12 hours a day harvesting artifacts and equipment. One thing I got was 18' of anchor chain I located in the bow. I had brought all my tools and equipment with me, including my cutting torches that I used to cut the chain loose from the ship. Once loose, it proved to be quite a challenge to get it up and out of the ship. The owner had been using a crane to remove the chain to sell. I had the manpower of me and Dan and a chain fall we found in the engine room. After an hour or so, we finally got it out from two levels below and onto the gangplank.


A funny cartoon in the Captains cabin.

I spotted this cool vintage 1950s depth sounder. It is an ELAC Electro Acustic unit. It is big and has several parts to it. It had its own room on the ship. I didn't get it on this trip, but I did manage to get it on the last visit.

Power unit for the electro acustic.

I loaded a U-Haul trailer with numerous pieces of equipment, anchor chain, cabin parts, solid brass transmission, gyro compass and a couple of portholes, wood equipment mounts and more. All total, around 4,000 pounds of parts.

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