R/V Arctic Discoverer
1958 - 2013


Christie's Catalog
December 14, 2000

First Edition
Soft Cover

Brand New!

Very limited quantity! These December 14, 2000 Christie's catalogs are brand new, never used. They were discovered in a climate controlled storage unit owned by Tommy Thompson and the Columbus America Discovery Group. I have a limited number, they are in pristine condition and were found still packaged in the shipping boxes from the distributor. Apparently these books were destined for a store or museum featuring the treasure found on the SS Central America, but it never came to be. So, after almost two decades in storage, they are finally offered to collectors of memorabilia and treasure hunting artifacts.

This special edition covers the Christie's auction of the treasure, gold coins and gold ingots recovered from the SS Central America. It is loaded with beautiful color photos of the treasure and history of the finds.

245 pages, soft cover.

$87.50, SOLD OUT