R/V Arctic Discoverer
1958 - 2013


Original Crew Photos

The following 18 photos were discovered on board the R/V Arctic Discoverer in August of 2013. These are never before seen, original photos taken by the crew of the ship when it was in its heyday of treasure hunting. Sold as a set.

The above photos show the ship in port while being retrofitted with various treasure hunting equipment.

The above photos show the Zodiac boat that was used to ferry equipment and supplies back and forth between the ship and supply boats and to pickup the items dropped from the supply plane that would drop items into the ocean to be retrieved.

The above photos show parts of the GPS positioning system being installed on the ship.

These photos are one of a kind, never before seen pics showing the ship being transformed into a treasure hunting workhorse. The ship was originally named the A.T. Cameron, then the Arctic Ranger. In the winter of 1987-1988, the Columbus America Discovery Group and Tommy Thompson purchased the ship and changed her name once again, to the Arctic Discoverer. These photos show the transformation of the ship. Once finished, the ship had a GPS positioning system that would hold it in place over the wreck of the SS Central America. It had a 12,000 lb. robot named NEMO that was used to retrieve the gold and artifacts. The front room of the main deck was transformed into a high tech computer monitoring system that tracked and controlled the movements of NEMO while it was working. The Arctic Discoverer truly was the first high tech and most famous treasure hunting ship in US History!

Photos are 600 dpi high resolution and measure 4" x 6"

$25 for set of all 18 photos, free shipping in the continental USA.


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