Cumberland Island
April, 2002

Pictures by: R.J. and Rick Jacquot

R.J. and I had another great time at our favorite spot, Cumberland Island! We saw a lot of wildlife and did a lot of exploring. The weather was a little rough these few days and it was cold during our trips. That did not deter us from having a great time!

Marker buoys guiding the way to the island.

Lots of wild horses live on the island and can be seen everywhere. They seem to especially like roaming the beach.

Lots of deceased wildlife as well. Here is a loggerhead sea turtle and the remains of one of the wild horses.

Down at the dredge piles, we hunt for shark teeth and fossils. You are only allowed to search through the dredge piles that are not native to the island. Any digging, metal detecting or ground disturbance of the native island soil is illegal.

R.J., Happy to be back on the island!

R.J. having fun at Dungeness.

The Dungeness Mansion ruins.

The island marsh on left. At the end of our trip, a seagull following us back to the mainland.