Cumberland Island
July, 2004

Pictures by: Rick Jacquot

Above is one of the nicest pieces of bone I ever found at Cumberland. It is a colorful agatized piece of fossil bone. I hope to someday find more like it.

We didn't get any pictures from this trip, a lot of video was taken that I hope to post later. R.J. and I had asked a couple of his friends to come with us, Brad and Travis. So the teenagers took off and I did my thing while on the island. I missed spending my time with R.J. as we did so many times in the past, but, times change...

A variety of shark teeth found during this trip, Tiger, Snaggletooth, Mako, Great White and misc. others.

A small skullcap? Alligator tooth and a Burr Fish crusher plate.

Ray tooth, stinger barb, vertebrae and a pile of shark teeth.