Pictures from treasure hunting, diving, fossil collecting.

Sandy holding a large section of Mammoth or Mastodon tusk. This tusk section was collected by Vito Bertucci, the Godfather of fossil diving. Vito died while diving for fossils in 2004. I only met Vito once in the late 1990s. He was at a fossil show displaying one of his giant megalodon shark jaws. He had given this tusk to a friend. I received this piece when my friend passed away and his wife allowed me to add it to my collection. This picture is featured in my book "Bone Hunter", published in 2008.

The proper use of a stove top! (Not according to Sandy). A good haul of fossils and artifacts after a great weekend of diving the Cooper River in South Carolina.

Me posing with my 1700s grappling hook. I had located this hook the month before while diving the Cooper River. I left it on the bottom and the following month, we were back at the river. Jerry said I would never find it. While preparing to dive, I noticed a gator floating in the middle of the river, which I thought was odd as they are usually on the bank or swimming back and forth, I never see one just floating in the river? When the boat approached it, it went underwater. I jumped in after it and dropped to the bottom, about 40 ft. below. Within 15 minutes, I found my hook! I believe the gator was telling me where to look for it. July, 2007. Jerry Fortenberry pic.

Me (right) at the Cooper River with my dive partner Jerry Fortenberry. This is a rare shot of two "Stud Divers" in full armour. Once in a wetsuit with all dive gear attached, stud divers are irresistible to women and some wildlife! Circa 2006. Tena Hendrix pic.

Painting of a Giant Ground Sloth that I commissioned from Joey and Stephen Metcalf for my book "Bone Hunter" that was published in 2008.

Painting of a Mammoth fighting off Saber Tooth cats that I commissioned from Joey and Stephen Metcalf for my book "Bone Hunter" that was published in 2008.

Me doing what I enjoy most, hunting fossils and artifacts and diving for treasure. This is a shot that Jerry took of me in the Santa Fe River around 2007.