Fluorescent Red Trinitite

Above photo: Blue and yellow fluorescence in a 30.1 gram red trinitite specimen from the Lincoln LaPaz collection.

This page is to show the beauty of fluorescent red trinitite. All the specimens I have checked from the Lincoln LaPaz and R.H. Draeger collections have displayed some degree of fluorescence.

As I photograph specimens from my collection and for sale here on my site, I will post the exceptional pieces on this page.

These pieces react to short wave UV light. I am using a 23 year old Superbright 2000 from UV Systems.

Please bear with me as I learn how to take better fluorescent photos!


Above left: Close up of crater in a 15 gram red trinitite caused by an exploded gas bubble. Above right: Close up of the top area in a 9.1 gram red trinitite. It appears as if a human skull is embedded in the trinitite. Both specimens are from the Lincoln LaPaz collection.