Between 1947 and 1950, Wallace T. Smith obtained approximately 200 pounds of trinitite while working for the Sandia Research Laboratory. This collection has been documented and some of it pictured in the book; Trinitite, the Atomic Age Mineral by W.M. Kolb. Wallace Smith passed away in 1965 and the trinitite sat, stored in wooden ammo boxes in a bunk house at his home in New Mexico for years. In the late 1990s, his widow, Dorothy, contacted the White Sands Missile Range and asked them if they wanted the trinitite as she thought it might be dangerous to have. The missile range sent a representative to her home and they took all but one ammo box. That box was rotted and they did not want to bother with trying to gather all the trinitite together, so it was left behind. Dorothy passed away in 2008. A niece who inherited the property gave the remaining trinitite (approximately 30 pounds) to a woman that had worked for the family on the ranch. I was able to make contact with the woman through Ebay in 2019. She still had a large part of the collection and still resided in New Mexico. She had been selling specimens from the collection over the years and offered to sell me some for my project. In August of 2019, I drove to New Mexico and obtained a large quantity of trinitite for my collection. The remainder of the collection was sold to a man in California in May, 2023.