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Specializing in North Carolina collections, Fossils and Trinitite.

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We will buy, or help you find a buyer for your collection. With over 35 years experience dealing with North Carolina and southeastern US minerals. We have managed the sales of the late Robert Haley collection, the Ken Kyte collection with over 100,000 pounds of mineral specimens. The Philip Lucas collection, Lee Fleming collection, John Deney collection, Louis Shrum collection, Claude Davis collection and many more.

Currently, we are planning to build a museum here near Asheville, North Carolina. When a collection is donated to us, or we purchase a collection, we take the best specimens from that collection to add to our museum inventory. Once displayed, these specimens will have the name of the original collector or collection from where they came, displayed with the specimen in the museum. This will give credit to many collectors that would otherwise be lost to history.


The following displays are built, or are in the process of being built:

Diamond Hill Mine Collection. Featuring the most complete selection of minerals ever collected from the site. Specimens from the Richard Jacquot, Lee Fleming and John Deney collections included in this display.

Graves Mountain Mine Collection. Featuring the 9.5 pound rutile crystal collected by Nancy Seaver. A variety of minerals collected by Terry Ledford, Richard Jacquot, Clarence Norman Jr. and others.

Reel Amethyst Mine Collection. Featuring world class specimens collected from the mine by Richard Jacquot, Jesse and Andrea Sackett.

North Carolina collection of Emeralds, Rubies and Sapphires. A huge selection of these gemstones from the North Carolina area. Specimens from well known mines as well as rare and hard to find locations.

Petrified Wood Collection. Featuring petrified wood from all over the United States.

Fossil and Artifact Collection. This display is big. Many specimens self collected by Richard Jacquot, including: Miocene alligator skull from Florida. New species of sirenian fossil skull cap from the Cooper River in South Carolina. Large mastodon tusk from the Vito Bertucci collection. Giant megalodon shark teeth and too much more to list.

Numerous other displays will be built featuring gems and minerals from across the United States.

The SS Central America, Tommy Thompson. A large display of ship parts from the Arctic Discoverer Treasure Ship. Display includes the ships wheel, telegraph, gold and silver recovered from the SS Central America and numerous other artifacts to document this historic treasure discovery.

The Manhattan Project. Our current display in progress. This will feature A-Bomb worker pins, artifacts from the Hanford site. A large selection of trinitite from the Trinity blast site in New Mexico. A special, rare cut gemstone, cut from the leaded glass viewing window that was used during the production of the "Gadget" Atomic Bomb.

More to come!


I have worked with estate liquidators; Bonnie Rose, The Art of Downsizing, Estate Sales by Treva and others.

I am currently working with Gemologist Mark Hartzman, to appraise the entire mineral and fossil collection at the Asheville Museum of Science in Asheville, North Carolina (Formerly the Colburn Gem and Mineral Museum).

We will make sure that your collection is properly preserved for future generations of rockhounds to enjoy and learn from. Feel free to call anytime for more information or questions you may have.

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