Spinel, British Columbia, Canada

Huge Spinel mined in British Columbia, Canada

Dark black spinel specimen with a hint of cobalt blue color. This is a huge specimen for a spinel. The specimen was mined by a friend in British Columbia, Canada. He has been finding a lot of the smaller typical spinels, but also discovered a couple of these whoppers! Very unusual specimens and rare for the size.

Measures: 17 cm x 10.5 cm x 10.5 cm and weighs 6 lbs.

The spinel from western Canada (Passmore Dome) are a Gray to green generally, a smaller percentage are a deep gray/black,  with purple undertones. These are the higher value specimens, with the cobalt blue tinted specimens the most valuable. Pyrites and zircon may be included in the spinel and a high percentage of the low to mid grade being pitted throughout. Most material is a few ounces in weight generally, but they can range in size to five pounds or more! This geology is a metamorphic terrain that collided with west coast of British Columbia, that may have originated as part of Sri Lankin crustal geology and migrated east. There are many aluminum related minerals in the area, corundum and spinel being just two examples. There is a deep rift fault that intersects secondary  faulting, that went thru a hypothesized uplifting to an altitude of 18,000 ft. and then subsided in the intervening geological time. It was during this process that the corundum and spinel potentially formed in this area.

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