1961 Lone Star Boat Restoration

Photos by: Rick Jacquot, Sandy Jacquot

Our trip was a great success. The boat sat very high in the water and did not get even a teaspoon of water inside. The dive ladder worked great and we were ready for more adventures.

Later at home, I discovered that the bilge pump hoses I had installed had broken. If we had a leak, the pumps would not have worked anyway, good thing for a great seal job!

As the fall/winter season of 2010/2011 was coming, I decided it was time to paint the rest of the boat. I painted it white and it sat in the barn all winter waiting.

After the new paint was applied, I decided to build a new cover to keep the boat safe over the winter. I also built a stainless steel anchor to go with the boat.

Its May, 2011 and I am planning a fossil dive trip to Florida. I have a friend down there that has some good fossil sites and we are planning to explore them with the boat.

I bought some tempered tinted glass for the front windshields and am in the process of building a frame for the windshields. More photos and progress pics coming soon!

New paint, glass and pin striping.

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