Mountain Area Gem and Mineral Association
First Annual Gem and Mineral Show
March 23rd and 24th, 2013

Photos by; Richard Jacquot

This was our first gem and mineral show for the MAGMA club. We have gone thirteen years with no monthly meetings, gem shows or anything else that the traditional clubs do. Our main mission has always been finding and keeping open mineral collecting sites, and that will remain our primary mission, especially since we have been extremely successful in that mission. We decided it would be fun to give a show a try so the members could show off some of their finds as well as making some very nice material available to others interested in the hobby. It also helps our members educate locals about the gems and minerals found here in North Carolina and tell them how important it is to be able to continue collecting these things.

We did not expect the show to be a huge success considering it was our first time doing it. It turned out to be one of the best shows I have seen or attended. We had a huge crowd on Saturday and Sunday and the vendors and customers were all pleased with the results.

Getting ready Friday

"Jacquot & Son Mining" booth

Barbara Whaley setting up "Rob Whaley Minerals and Collectibles"

"Morgan's" booth

Shaun and Amber setting up "Shelton's Collection"

Jordan Root setting up "Natural Selection Crystals"

Jerry, checking out the deals.

Marshall Holman, "Holman's Enterprises"

Henderson County Mineral and Lapidary Museum

Luther Hunt, "Luther Hunt Minerals"

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