Mountain Area Gem and Mineral Association
1st Annual Christmas Holiday
Gem, Mineral and Fossil Show
November 30th - December 2nd, 2018

Asheville, North Carolina

Photos by: Richard Jacquot, Tony Bradley

The 1st annual Christmas show was a lot of fun. Friday was good, it was cold and rainy on Saturday, but we still had a decent turnout, and Sunday was excellent! As always, many great and unusual specimens were offered.

Friday morning.

A new addition to our show, Free Bird Concessions. Awesome people and awesome food. They will be at all our future shows.

Tony brought the Christmas Spirit with this very special Santa. This was his from his childhood and means a lot to him. It means a lot to us that he allowed us to have it in our show.

Two of our new members, Natalia and Brad. They set up with us and offered some very cool stuff (some of which is now in my collection) Awesome people!

Dave and Tony having fun.

Jose was with Uncle Bob and spent a couple of days with us, he had fun!

Dave enjoying some good food.

A few of the cool things I acquired at the show.

Reddeer getting in the groove.

Dave giving a blessing to some of the rocks at the show.

The Morgan's having fun.

Some nice picture jasper at the show.

Jesse was our only outside vendor because of the rain Saturday.

It was great seeing old friends and meeting new ones. See you next year for our Christmas show.