Mountain Area Gem and Mineral Association
13th Gem, Mineral and Fossil Show
June 18th - 20th, 2021

Arden, North Carolina

Photos by: Richard Jacquot

Another show is in the books! This was the first show we have had in this new time slot and it was great! We had many more outside vendors than in March, of course the weather was much warmer. I saw a lot of local rockhounds come to the show to sell some of their collections. As always, lots of great rocks, minerals, food and people.

We started the week early. Tony and I worked on the roof of the building in case of rain.

Show time!

My booth.

Charlie and Jerry, Henderson County Mineral and Lapidary Museum.

The 5,950 ct. star sapphire from Mysore, India. Also known as the "59er" It got a lot of petting.

The trinitite did well. I had one set of sisters whose parents both worked on the Manhattan Project stop by and get a few specimens. Very cool.

I got these carved skulls to use in my display. One looks like charred cinder and the other looks like it was carved from green and red trinitite. Compliments of "Uncle Bob's Cave" Thanks, Bob!

Mr. Bobcat got extra treats each night for doing a great job promoting my Smokey book.

Jamie having fun.

Carol and her display of awesome silver handcrafted jewelry.

Bob (Uncle Bob) Turner and his rockhound, Murf.

New rockhound in the club. Patrick's dog, Fangley.

Jeannie Vanhoy

Super Cat bling ring for the cat lovers out there!

Once again, Tony and Luther forgot to email each other the night before to make sure they didn't dress the same.

One of my favorite acquisitions of the weekend was this large trapiche ruby from the Propst Farm. This was out of Larry Hauser's collection, purchased from the museum.

We have already begun planning for next year's show. The June, 2022 Fathers Day weekend show will be four days long, Thursday through Sunday and we will be adding many more vendors.

Join us in September for our next show!

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