Mountain Area Gem and Mineral Association
Sixth Annual Gem, Mineral and Fossil Show
March 17th - 19th, 2017

Asheville, North Carolina

Photos by: Richard Jacquot

Shawn and Dawn Healy and their booth.

Adam checking out some of Ron's material.

My favorite find of the weekend. While I was cleaning out a box of material from the John Deney collection, I found this great little Fairburn agate that John collected on one of his yearly trips to South Dakota. Kayla wire wrapped it for me in silver and copper. A great addition to the museum collection that I am putting together with material from John D. Lee Fleming, myself and several other collections we are working with. Great job on the wire wrap Kayla!

More photos, courtesy of Bob Jordan.

We had a new vendor, Stephen Woodruff, at the show setup outside this year. He was from Missouri and had driven over 15 hours to join us. His main offering were these incredible Keokuk geodes with H2O inside. You could buy one and he would crack it open for you. Lots of nice crystal inclusions.

You can also drive to his mine and collect them yourself for a fee. If this is something you are interested in, you can contact him at:

We also got a first look at some material from a new discovery made by a member. A cool fluorescent site at an undisclosed location.

A rare, slightly blurry photo of four sasquatch beings (and one normal girl) posing as rockhounds at the show!

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