Mountain Area Gem and Mineral Association
12th Gem, Mineral and Fossil Show
March 19th - 21st, 2021

Arden, North Carolina

Photos by: Richard Jacquot, Tony Bradley, Jerry Creasman

We are back in 2021! 2020 was a dud, a whole year of no shows, no digs, no roundup, nothing. The virus is getting more under control every day and I'm hoping we will be rid of it this year.

Our first show in over a year was one of the best we have ever had. People were anxious to get out and back into some sort of normalcy. We were sure to promote safety precautions because we all know the virus is real, and it will kill you. I had two signs on the door stating "Face Masks Required". Everyone respected the rules with the exception of a couple I noticed. All they proved was how ignorant they are. The crowd was great, the sales were fantastic and everyone who attended went home with some sort of treasure. I sold a ton of trinitite and traded for some nice big pieces of moldavite. I picked up some weird fossilized sea creatures and other oddities to add to my collection. Following are some random pics that me, Tony and Jerry took.

New show banner!

My setup

Mr. Bobcat came along to help promote the Smokey book. He is in the sequel that should be out early 2022. Mostly, he just sat there and I hardly heard him say anything to anyone. But he did manage to sell a dozen books for me.

Bob Turner from Uncle Bob's Cave.

Bob and Murf

Keith Thompson

Johnny Clear visiting with Tony (Bradley Prospecting).

Shawn, or Dawn? Healy and Barbara Alred.

Bob and Rowan Morgan

Fossilized Alien I found in an old collection.

Dodany and Lorell

Mark V. and Michael Cheatle

Bob and Murf

Tom Kelley

Join us in June for our next show!

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