Reel Amethyst Mine
Lincoln County,
North Carolina
May 24th - 26th, 2013


Photos by: Richard Jacquot

This was by far one of the best trips we have had to the Reel Mine. I know a couple of years ago, a big pocket was found by Troy, but that was one pocket and a hand full of people benefited from it. One thing I noticed at this dig, there were pockets and veins popping up everywhere in both pits.

Thursday afternoon at the camp area.

Friday morning, the members hit the pits at sunup.

Gene and Tony having fun.

Ray and Jeri were up from Florida to try their luck.

And they were very lucky, Ray pulled this piece out about a half hour after the dig started.

A lot of rockhounds at the dig this weekend.

A nice glassy crystal.

Zev Flinchum

Tom and Chuck on the hunt.

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