Rock Garden #2
August 2017

This rock garden was in really bad shape, rocks and minerals piled on top of each other and I had no idea what was in there. It was pretty well picked over after the roundup, so it became the next project. I'll also show what was under the big tarp.

Picking the piles during the roundup.

The first thing I did was move the remaining rocks that are still for sale to the new sale piles. Then I sprayed the ground with a good coat of roundup.

Next, I covered the ground with a double layer of ground cloth.

This is what was under the tarp, my Kentucky geodes. For some reason, I never sell my geodes or fossils I find in Kentucky. I like the huge ones and I never cut any open, I may collect some that are opened, but don't cut them. The big one on the stand weighs around 200 pounds. Believe it or not, I placed every geode and fossil in this pile, one at a time...Its a special skill!

Next, layer the ground cloth with white gravel, I decided there was no need for the gravel on the geode side. Then time to repopulate the garden. As I did with the 1st garden, I used rocks that had meaning to me.

Gravel walkway between the two sides.

Geodes on one side and a selection from a few different locations on the other side. Giant pegmatite boulders from the Sheepcliff Aquamarine Mine, Giant agate boulder from Girard, Georgia. Large coral geode heads from Florida, large epidote and magnatite from Cranberry Mine. Huge lazulite boulder collected by Terry Ledford in the 1990s, 80 pound kyanite boulder I found at Graves Mountain, and a few oddball pieces.

My two favorites featured in the center of the pic. The one on the right is a 150-200 pound boulder of smaragdite covered in small red rubies that me and Dave Boring found on top of Chunky Gal Mountain a few years ago. We broke the rock and I said it was still too heavy to move. A few weeks later, Dave came to the roundup and gave it to me. He had went back and toted this thing off the mountain. Keep in mind, it was an uphill tote before it started downhill. This will always be a favorite of mine, to remind me that old guys can still kick younger guys butts at a lot of things when needed!

The darker one to the left is almost identical in size to the first one and is also covered in red rubies. I won it at a free auction that Dave held a few years ago at the roundup. I thought they would go good together, and when they get bored, they can chat about the good ol days up on Chunky Gal.

Rock Garden #2 is finished, now on to #3.