Western North Carolina
Rockhound Roundup

July 29th - August 4th, 2013

This was the tenth year we have had the roundup, and it was the first year that Lee Fleming was not there to share in the festivities with us, we missed you Lee!

It was, as always, a fantastic time. The roundup gets bigger every year. We had more campers than ever before and the friendship, digs and food was just as great as ever. It was great to see old friends and meet many new members.

Rick Jacquot, Scott Fleming and Lee Fleming

Roundup 2013

In memory of Lee Fleming


Wendy and Trudy

Mandy and Troy

Becky working the Diamond Devil.

Darryl and Carolyn

Paul and Ann using a diamond saw to cut an agate.

The finished product.

Some of the crew went to a kyanite site up above the Ray Mine to collect, they found some nice kyanite! I have the GPS coordinates if anyone would like to hike up and check it out. It is about a six mile round trip. I call it the Bolens Pyramid Kyanite Prospect. I would check with the forest service as to the current rules for collecting before digging at this site or any other forest service site.

One of the locals.

Diane and Nancy showing off a polished John D. agate.

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