15th Annual
Western North Carolina
Rockhound Roundup

July 22nd - 29th, 2018

Photos by: Rick Jacquot, Tony Bradley, Randy Fitzgerald,
Bob Jordan, Mike Callahan

This years event is dedicated to our friend, John Deney
1929 - 2018

Getting set up on the first day of the Roundup. I brought a trailer load of geodes to sell, and people could have them cut on the big slab saw that Johnny Clear brought for us to use.

We had a ton of campers this year. The tent area was full almost to the property line!

Johnny Clear getting ready for a week of sawing rocks.

Ron getting set up at his base camp.

Levi checking out some of my rocks.

Luther and Bob

Chef Kay working the kitchen. (More shrimp scampi please)

Jeff hard at work on his phone.

The slab saw getting set up for the week.


Randy, Jeff and Janyce

Randy finds a popcorn brand he can relate to.

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