16th Annual
Western North Carolina
Rockhound Roundup

July 21st - 28th, 2019

Photos by: Rick Jacquot, Tony Bradley,
Randy Fitzgerald, Mike Callahan, Debbie Taylor, Eden Stell

This years event is dedicated to our friend, Becky Rodgers.
She was with us in spirit, we miss you Becky.
1960 - 2019

Another great Rockhound Roundup has successfully come and gone. As always, lots of great friends and new friends were in attendance. In the past few years, I have been dedicating many of these roundup reports to our dear friends that we have lost, Lee Fleming, Rob Stine, John Deney and now Becky Rodgers. It makes me wish for the good old days when we were all young and healthy and on the hunt together. But we move on, and continue our mission of promoting this hobby to new generations.

Day 1

Mark having fun.

Two Fingers Jerry and Mark.

Happy Pat

Mike ready for the fun!

Randy and Kay

Steven and his cabbing/lapidary set up.

New MAGMA member, Michael Cheatle

Carol waiting for the festivities to start.

Jerry texting with one of his hottie girlfriends.

Randy up to no good!

We had not seen our friend Brian Taylor in a few years. He brought his rockhound, Sheba, to meet us.

High stakes poker game, I think they were playing for donuts.

Anthony and Patrick checking out Stevens rocks.

Mike eating the health food. I could not resist the lasagna, chicken, chili, etc that Kay made.

Manny, Mike, Carol and Duane having fun.

Pat and Randy pretending to read. (I think they just look at the pictures)

Some of the best, Randy, Tony, Jeff and Erin.

Hardcore fossil and rockhounds, Kim and Stephanie.

Rob and Bob

Kay going code pink!

Everyone helping empty Dave's boat.

Tom got the best find from the boat when he pulled out a milk jug filled with hex rubies and sapphires!

MAGMA Gothic, Michael Cheatle

Duane, Bob and Johnny

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