19th Annual
Western North Carolina
Rockhound Roundup

July 24th - 31st, 2022

Photos by: Rick Jacquot, Randy Fitzgerald, Kay Fitzgerald,
Brenton Fipps, Jessie Lanzetti, Carol Veilleux

Roundup number 19 is in the books! It was another fun week with friends as always. This year was a little slower than in the past. Gas prices caused some of our members to cancel, and, unfortunately, quite a few of our members have passed away in the past couple of years. But, on the bright side, I saw a lot of new faces both staying at camp with us and passing through during the week. I also got to see some old friends that have not been able to attend the past couple of years. They made it for this one.

My Rockhound camper van and a trailer load of cool rocks!

Sharon and Vince set up with their cool bubble camper.

Magic Mark with his van and sexy hard hat... 8^)

Riverside camping.

This fuzzy fellow dropped in and tried to buy my Bear Claw ring. When I told him it was not for sale, he flew off.

Lots of great lapidary equipment was available for use for our members. Provided by some of our best members.

Johnny had his 18" slab saw running all week as usual. Lots of slabs and geodes cut this week.

Duane had a cabbing machine set up outside.

Kay working a cab.

Duane cutting.

Luther brought a geode cracker for those that did not want to wait for a saw cut.

Of course, the best members in attendance were the true Rock-Hounds in the club.

Meet Fangry, the half Werewolf - half Corgi mix.

Fangry and her pet human, Patrick.

Experienced Rock-Hound, Jose, ready to dig with tools all packed.

Jeff with his new Rock-Hound, Miss DeLaney. She is quite the digger. I personally witnessed her dig a few holes around camp.

Rock-Hound, Buddy, brought his pet human, Bob by the camp several times during the week. It was good to see them both.

Mark, Driftwood Silver and Stones.

Many of us set up and had some great treasures to offer.

Jessie and Eric.

Some of Jessie's work.

Mark and Jose, chillin and sellin.

Bill and Sharon having a serious conversation about the state of rockhound affairs.

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