Fieldtrip report:

Lake Chatuge
Clay Co., North Carolina,
Towns Co., Georgia
February 21st, 2004

Hello all, had a great time at Lake Chatuge today, members of MAGMA and the Henderson County Gem and Mineral Society met at the usual meeting place the Silver Armadillo at 9:00 this morning, we proceeded to the Jackrabbit area of the lake. On the way we looked at the road that John D. had used to get to the Jackrabbit corundum site which also passes an old asbestos mine, we parked at the trail area and followed the path to the limonite collecting site (site #28 in my book) where we met with several members from the SAMS club,

Dave and Liz searching for limonite.

I finally got to meet Lowell Presnell, a very nice and knowledgeable man, Lowell wrote the book "Mines, Miners, and Minerals" this is an excellent book on the history of Western North Carolina mining, he and his wife Judy were there with a few other members of the club, everyone found numerous nice limonite cubes, I think John D. found the biggest and best piece,

Lowell Presnell

John and Luther plotting our next move.

At lunch time we headed to Lower Bell Creek to hunt corundum and arrowheads, Luther Hunt found 5 well shaped points in nice condition, and a few rubies and sapphires were found, what a great day to be out hunting.


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