Hogg Mine
LaGrange, Georgia
March, 2011

Photos by: Rick Jacquot

We had a fantastic time at the Hogg Mine! The site is looking good under the new management of Chris Painter. Chris is opening up lots of new areas for clubs and individuals who visit the mine to search. Our club has not been to the Hogg in several years, I have been wanting to get back there to hunt for the gem quality rose quartz, Chris had opened some great new areas to find this material and we all cleaned up!

Chris running the machine.

Junior rockhound keeping her eyes on the ground in search for gems.

Chris had "Three Men and a Rub" BBQ cater the dig, they have some fantastic food.



Becky trying to move a giant piece of rose quartz.

Drew helping Becky move the rock.

Drew with a monster piece of rose quartz.


The Hogg Tree

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