Fieldtrip Report:

Hogg Mine,
LaGrange Quartz Crystal Mine
LaGrange Georgia.
3/31-4/1 2007

photos and text by: Pat Cummings

I would like to apologize for not getting everyone’s names to go with the pictures. Or in other words...names withheld to protect the guilty. Guilty of having a great time.

Saturday morning I arrived at the Smith's country store to help Rodney get people signed up for the day's dig at the Hogg mine.

People were filtering in for about an hour and the parking lot was starting to fill up.

I had a line going to fill out the forms and everyone was very patient.

We enjoyed the great breakfast biscuits and coffee as we waited for Rodney to show up. It wasn't long and soon we saw his smiling face.

When we arrived at the Hogg mine there were tables set up with goodies to buy.

There were some old familiar faces.

But many more new ones. It is great to see many whole families getting into rockhounding. This family is in the tourmaline area of the mine.

People were using screens and sifting the dirt in the woods.

Or just sitting in the dump piles and using a hand rake.

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