Fieldtrip Report:

Morefield Mine,
Ligon Mine,
Amelia County, Va.
September 30th and October 1st, 2006

photos by: Cathy Clouser and Lee Fleming,
text: Lee Fleming

Descending to the 61 foot level, we exited the ladder to immediately see that the walls of the tunnel at this level appeared to have much more interesting material than the first level. From the ladder, we moved into a tunnel that was lined with sections of amazonite, large pieces of mica, and other minerals. Our tour guide began to explain the activities of the mine operation at this level and the minerals being collected from the tunnel walls. We saw many sections of beautiful green/blue amazonite, a large section of dark green fluorite, mica books, quartz, and many other minerals. Finally, we reached the end of this tunnel and were instructed to turn around and go back to the platform. Along the way, we stopped to take pictures of each other and of the tunnel wall materials.

Once we were back at the platform, we were surprised to find that our tour was not over and we were going to be able to walk down the other side of the tunnel. While walking along this tunnel, we were again instructed as to the gems and minerals to be found on this side of the mine. We were shown large aquamaine crystals embedded in the walls, a beryl crystal about 6 inches across, more large mica plates, and more beautiful amazonite. Also, we were treated to a bat hanging from the wall of the tunnel. In addition to the gems and minerals we saw, we were also shown a lot of the mine machinery and equipment. The mine's cart tracks were on the floor, the ventilation conduits, and the water removal pumps and pipes could be seen.

Miner Lee

At the conclusion of our tour, we had to ascend up the ladders to get out of the mine. For some reason, the climb up did not seem to be as bad as the climb down. Again, Cathy and Brian helped me and soon we got to the top of the shaft and exited the head works of the mine.

At this point, we took a picture of our MAGMA members who had been brave enough to take the grand tour of the Morefield Mine.

Following the mine tour, some of the club members went back to collecting the wonderful amazonite and other materials which can be found at the Morefield Mine, and the rest of us went back to the camp grounds to begin the organized club supper.

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