Fieldtrip Report:

Tom’s Mica Dig
Morefield Mine,
Wayne’s Amethyst Dig,
Amelia County & Other Locations in Virginia
November 9 th, 10th, and 11th, 2007

photos by: Lee Fleming,
text: Lee Fleming

In order to illustrate the findings of the first day, several pictures of the mica books were taken. The following show representative samples of the finds:

Following our first day in the field, we headed back to our campsite. Along the route, I discovered the hangout of a lot of my good buddies. Would you look at all of the great cows!!

As you approach the campgrounds, there is a sign, which announces the site. You turn in here and then are directed to your site by following the paved path to the tent campsites.

Since we had not planned on fixing a group diner that first evening, we all drove to a great Italian restaurant for a supper fit for a king. After we all ate more that we could stand, we went back to camp and had a great evening of talk about rocks, MAGMA, and many other things of interest.

Robert, Lee, Tom, & Luther

Cathy and her boy friend Steve



Thus, we ended the first day of MAGMA Virginia rock hounding adventure.
The next morning, we woke to a beautiful cold morning. It was the day we had planned to visit the Morefield Mine located just a couple of miles from our campsite. Sine the mine opened its gift shop at 9:30 AM, everyone decided to go over and get accustomed to the mine site. We all began to gather at the mine and soon were allowed to go to the collecting area. Before we left to go to the Morefield, Nick and Cathy setup their bread makers and put in one loaf worth of batter. The idea was to let the bread cook while we were at the mine.

The idea of how to gather your sample materials at the Morefield is to gather the site material in either a bucket or a screen and remove all of the dirt to get at the remaining samples.


Nick’s screen before selecting the minerals he wanted to keep



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