Fieldtrip Report:

Tom’s Mica Dig
Morefield Mine,
Wayne’s Amethyst Dig,
Amelia County & Other Locations in Virginia
November 9 th, 10th, and 11th, 2007

photos by: Lee Fleming,
text: Lee Fleming

That evening, after a long day at the Morefield, we all gathered at the campsite for our evening meal. I had brought country style steak, rice, and string beans while others had fresh bread, cakes and pipes of all types, and several kinds of drinks. Everyone who ate said they enjoyed the meal as well as any of our other MAGMA community meals.

Sam and Sharon Dunaway joined us for our evening meal

After our meal, Sam graced us by playing his fiddle. We all listened to the fiddle playing and enjoyed the selected songs. After a tune or two, Sam was joined by one of his mine workers and they played several songs together. Not bad for people who had not played together before.

The evening ended with everyone full of good food and happy with a good song in their heart.
The following pictures show several specimens taken from the mine the day of our visit:


mica book as big as my hand and an inch thick

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