Seventh Annual
Western North Carolina
Rockhound Roundup
July 26th-August 1st, 2010

photos by: Richard Jacquot, Rick Bernotas and Darryl Taylor

This was a special roundup for the MAGMA club, 2010 is our ten year anniversary since we first began with a hand full of local rockhounds from Asheville. The site was new and it worked out great. The last three years we have grown from a big event to a huge event with over a hundred people attending. My property was getting packed pretty tight so I decided to find a new location. I think everyone agreed that this new location is much better with the river, shade, showers, kitchen, etc, etc.

For the first time, the first day of the event saw a lot of people pulling in and setting up camp for the week.

Each morning these geese or ducks? would swim down the river together, each evening they would all fly back up the river.

Tuesday was the first field trip of the week. As always we visited the Little Pine mine in Madison County, NC. We had a great turnout and I saw many nice specimens found. My largest was a four pound twin crystal and a whole lot of matrix material and smaller tennis ball size crystals.

Little Pine Mine

Inside the mine.

Picnic area, dump collecting area on other side of creek.

Keith, Tommy and Bill

Nancy watching the diggers.

That night, Jim setup his cabbing machine and began teaching people how to cut stones.

I went in the pavilion where Darryl was doing some wire wrapping. This is a small meg tooth he wrapped for me.

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