Six S's Farm Amethyst
Oglethorpe County, Georgia
August 29th and 30th, 2009

Photos by:
Melissa Norman and Rick Jacquot

We had another great turnout for yet another new site opened by the MAGMA club! I want to thank Steve Peterman and his family and Junior Norman for making this happen. This is one of the best new sites we have visited.

I arrived at 9:00 Friday morning to sign everyone in at Graves Mountain. Junior had opened Graves to the club for those who were driving a long way to have something to do on Friday. We had about 20 members digging at Graves. I went down to the old lazulite pit and found several 1" nice double terminated crystals. I left there about 1:00 and headed over the the 6S Farm to set up the tents etc. for the next morning.

At 6:00 a.m. Saturday morning I was sitting under my tent in the dark waiting for the first members to arrive. It didn't take long for several to roll in and join me in the dark, by lantern light, people signed the release forms and waited for daylight to begin their search for crystals.

Marcilee from Florida was one of the first to find a specimen at the dig.

Above: some of the smaller crystals found on the property.

Ronnie and Susan

Pete, his daughter and Brian

Ray Glave got tired of crystal hunting and decided to set up and sell some of his coral and other rocks.

Things were pretty slow for the first three or four hours, there were a lot of small crystals found but nothing big.

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