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Listed here are collecting sites and mine owners that are considered honest and productive for rockhounds. NO salted tourist mines. The sites are run by great mine owners who put their customers first, are kid friendly and go out of their way to help people find what they are looking for. These mines do not salt their sites with foreign material, they also do not take second rate junk that they have dug and did not want and sprinkle it on the ground for people to find. Nobody wants broken junk crystals that the mine owner discarded, why would the paying customer want them? We do not promote any sites where the mine owners and customers are drug users, we don't encourage anyone to expose their small children to these situations.

If in Georgia, be sure to visit the Hogg Mine and Chris Painter and Jr. Norman at Graves Mountain, the two best locations to visit. If in North Carolina, visit any of our managed mines, Crabtree, Mason Farm, Sharpes Emerald Prospect, all excellent sites for the collector. The Little Pine has been a favorite of rockhounds for years, also very productive and unsalted. If you like fossils, the city hall site in Harleyville is a good site as fossil digging in SC is getting harder by the day, unless you dive for them like I do. If in Virginia, be sure to check out Earthen Paradise and Scufflin Acres Farm. Happy hunting!

Collecting sites and contacts:


Graves Mountain, Georgia

Hogg Mine, LaGrange, Georgia

North Carolina:

Crabtree Emerald Mine
Grassy Creek Township, North Carolina

Little Pine Garnet Mine
Madison Co., North Carolina

SSharpes Emerald Prospect
Alexander County, North Carolina

South Carolina:

LaFarge Quarry
Harleyville, South Carolina


Scufflin Acres Farm


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