Mast Lights

Above is a Perko masthead light. It is a vintage 1970s-80s forward mast light, in excellent condition. I left the blue paint on it since that was the way it was on the ship.

This is the first item I bought from the ship. I was surfing ebay looking for a light for my boat when I saw this masthead light for sale. It was listed as "Perko masthead light" then it mentioned the Arctic Discoverer. I recognized the name of the ship and began reading about how it was auctioned off etc. I contacted the new owner and eventually made arrangements to visit and obtain more items from the ship.

Light is galvanized steel with a brass top, it measures 15" tall x 12" wide.

I eventually obtained another masthead light that was mounted about half way up the forward mast. It was originally thought to be rusted galvanized steel. Once I got it home and unpacked, I examined it more closely. It turns out it is all copper. The light was originally a fuel powered light. When it was mounted on the AT Cameron in 1950s, it was wired for electricity. It was painted black (A.T. Cameron), then red (Arctic Ranger), then finally blue (Arctic Discoverer). I rewired it and the first light I had, to use in my home. I almost stripped all the paint off the copper light when I went to restore it, but decided to leave the light as is. It looks rough, but shows all the different time periods of the ship. Black, red and blue paint is seen in layers with the copper showing underneath. I put 5 coats of clear paint over it to keep the old paint from flaking off and installed 120 volt light fixtures in both lights.

1950s, A.T. Cameron painted black and white.

1988, Arctic Ranger (right). Just before being bought by the Columbus America Discovery Group. Painted red, white and black.

2012, Arctic Discoverer. In 1988 the ship was purchased and retrofitted as a treasure hunting vessel. The process included a new blue and white paint job.

1970s-80s Perko mast light left and original copper mast light right...And Mo.