The 12,000 pound ROV (Robot) NEMO. At the time, 1980s, NEMO was considered a high tech, one of a kind gem for the treasure hunters recovering the gold and artifacts from the SS Central America. The robot was equipped with mechanical drawers, robotic arms, cameras and more. All operated remotely from the Arctic Discoverer, 8,000 feet above. Milton Butterworth, (bottom right) was the camera technician and made all the adjustments to the NEMO cameras.

I picked up this photo on ebay from an old newspaper archive in Iceland. It is a one of a kind original that has been stored away for the past 40 years. The printing on the bottom is mostly faded away, but what I can see reads as follows: "ABOARD THE ARCTIC DISCOVERER, 14SEPT89 - Mechanic Bryan Anderson inspects the robot exploration (vehicle) aboard the Arctic Discoverer September 12. The 12,000 pound remotely operated vehicle has (the ability) of recovering items as large as a 1,000 pound anchor or as small as a dime. It was (instrumental) in the recovery of gold from the wreck of the SS Central America by a team of high-tech --- The ship went down 200 miles off the Carolina coast in a 1857 hurricane."