In late August, 2018, I received a call from a man who was in charge of dismantling the Arctic Discoverer in order to get it ready to be towed out to sea and then sunk to become an artificial reef. His team had a big job ahead of them. The removal of tons of oil, asbestos, etc. He asked me if there was anything on the ship I would like to have. Of course there were probably a hundred things I would like, so he invited me to come down and remove some items.

It had been 5 years since I was on the ship. On September 10th, I packed my gear and headed back to Florida. I would only be working one day since Hurricane Florence was on its way and I needed to get back to my home in North Carolina.

Ready to head to Florida!

Wench on the front deck.

A view from the bow.

More portholes removed.

There was a lot of graffiti on the ship, courtesy of the local thugs and dope heads who were on it trespassing.

A tight space to work!

Hot, dirty work!

Had to snag this to add to my ship wheel display.

The ship photobombing me!

Packed up and ready to head home.

Some of the goodies I brought back.