I specialize in verified, documented trinitite collections. I have spent the past few years hunting for and obtaining top quality specimens from these collections and have traveled across the country to acquire many specimens from New Mexico, Texas and Arizona. All specimens are tested for authenticity. Each piece sold comes with a history of the original collector and a copy/printout of the test results confirming that what you are receiving is actual trinitite. I also include a 2" x 3.5" identification card to display with your specimen. All the specimens I offer are from historically important collections that have been well documented and described in various publications. My goal with this web site is to preserve the history of this rare mineral. I encourage all buyers to keep the information I send them with their specimen to help preserve that history for future generations.

All specimens were legally collected between the years of 1945 - 1951. I guarantee all my trinitite to be 100% authentic. By owning a piece of trinitite, you own a piece of history, and one of the rarest minerals on earth!

Do you have trinitite for sale? As with all my treasure hunting, I am a collector first. I enjoy hunting for and collecting many things for my personal satisfaction. The same goes for trinitite. I try to keep select pieces to display on my mineral shelf. If you have specimens of trinitite for sale, I may be interested in purchasing them. I can also help you sell your collection if it is something that I cannot use.

I began gem and mineral collecting as a child in Maryland and Pennsylvania in the 1970s. In 1987 I moved to the mountains of Western North Carolina. By 1989, I was back out hunting gems. In 1998, I formed Jacquot & Son Mining with my son R.J. We provided guided tours to local mines. I have written books on gem and fossil hunting and currently publish the American Rockhound magazine & book series. I am part owner of the Sharpes Emerald Prospect in Hiddenite, North Carolina and manage the Crabtree Emerald Mine in Little Switzerland, North Carolina.

Feel free to call or email me with any questions;

Richard Jacquot