We Want YOU, To Come Dive With Us!

Cooper River S.C.
June 1-3, 2006
Filming with the Deep Sea Detectives

In the spring of 2006, Jerry Fortenberry was host to John Chatterton, and Richie Kohler. Chatterton and Kohler are featured as the "Deep Sea Detectives" on the History Channel. Chatterton is credited with the discovery of the unidentified German U-Boat that was located about 60 miles off the New Jersey shore. After identifying the U-Boat, history was rewritten. Chatterton and Kohler are pioneers in the world of diving, you can learn more about them and their diving experiences in books like, "Shadow Divers" and "The Last Dive".

Jerry was asked to guide them to the artifact and fossil hunting areas of the Cooper River in Charleston S.C.. They spent three days filming a show featuring the Cooper River and the treasures that can be found.

Joel filming the crew getting ready for a dive.

Evan, one of the film crew with his dive camera gear.

Gerry P., film crew tech soaking up some rays.

Filming a funny skit about diving with the gator's, notice the pork chop tied to Richies back.

Richie Kohler surfaces with a goodie bag full of fossils.

Lets take some pics!

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