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Cooper River
Charleston S.C.
June 6th-8th, 2008

photos by: Sandy, Rick, and Jerry

Time for another dive adventure report from the Cooper river in South Carolina. We had a blast over the weekend diving the black water for fossils. We started off hitting some of our favorite sites as well as checking a few newer locations.

The tide was early for this trip and we were up bright and early every morning to catch the optimal dive window. I saw this crabber each morning checking his traps.

We planned to shoot some underwater video. Here is a pic of Jerry mounting the camera in the waterproof housing.

One of our favorite dive sites is the Red Banks. This site is frequented by charter dive boats but always seems to produce something nice each trip.

First gator of the trip.

This is a site near one of our dive locations. We ate lunch on the boat near the edge of the river. You could hear the gator's rustling around in the bushes.

Big bird watching us at lunch time.

Gator at one of our dive sites. We had gone to this location in the east branch of the river to break Sandy in for her first Cooper river dive. The water is around twenty feet deep here compared to the forty to sixty feet deep areas we usually dive. The visibility is usually great at this site, but on this day, the visibility was severely limited due to the silt and incoming tide. She wanted to dive anyway. We counted six gator's on the shore and in the water before we jumped in, it didn't bother her a bit. Sandy is a hard core dive chick!

The next morning we were back on the river early, the fog made the power plant look like a ghost.

Soon the sun would be up and burn off the fog.

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