We Want YOU, To Come Dive With Us!

Cooper River
Charleston S.C.
August 8th-10th, 2008

photos by: Sally Baldwin, Jerry Fortenberry and Rick Jacquot

Big 6 pound hunk of coprolite, only half, possibly whale.

Dugong rib.

Deer antler.

This is a nice section of whale bone. Notice the nice color and polished look. This piece and several others came from the spot I found on the last Cooper trip. The sand on the bottom is polishing the bones. I think this material would be good for carving.

Big hunk of Bison horn.

Epiphysis, vertebral centrum, (disk pad) Possibly mastodon or mammoth.

Above pics: rib bone with evidence of shark feeding.

Claw core, Alligator mississippiensis, Miocene to Holocene epoch.

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