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Cumberland Island, Georgia
Ginnie Springs, Florida
September, 2008

After a couple of days in St. Mary's, it was time to head to Florida.

Sandy getting her dive gear ready.

Sandy ready to dive Ginnie Springs.

Ginnie Springs is known worldwide for its crystal clear waters and underground cave systems. Sandy cruised around the basin and then we decided to checkout the cavern.

Sandy at the entrance to the cavern.

When you exhale into your regulator, the air bubbles rise to the roof of the cavern. They sometimes form air pockets like this one which look like mirrors on the ceiling.

Once inside, this is the only way out!

Sandy at the bottom of the cavern, about 52 feet down. The grate behind her stops divers from venturing into the narrow caves beyond.

Divers like to grab hold of this grate and hold on as the water pushes them back. Millions of gallons of water pump out of the underground springs daily and up into the nearby Santa Fe river.

The above pic shows the inside of the limestone cave. It looks like something from Ladds Mountain, but this one is underwater.

See you next trip!


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