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Florida Dive Trip
June 8th-15th, 2011

Photos by: Rick Jacquot

The next day I headed to north Florida to meet with Ray, Jeri, Dave, Shelly and Marge. We headed several miles up the Withlacoochee river to hunt some agatized coral.

The Withlacoochee site was very interesting. The area we were diving was maybe 5 feet deep at most due to the drought. I only used one 100 cf dive tank and it lasted 5 hours! I was instructed to look for geodes that had holes in them or felt hollow. I used my rock hammer underwater to crack a few and found several nice ones that were hollow. It was very fun for me since I had never done it before, I definitely plan to be back, hopefully soon!

Dave heading out to dive for geodes.

Below, some of our finds.

At the end of the day, it was a trick packing the boat to fit all the gear.

Cruising the Withlacoochee.

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