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Florida Dive Trip
August 31st-September 5th, 2011

Photos by: Rick Jacquot, Jerry Creasman, Ray Glave

I spent another great week in Florida with great friends! This was my second trip this summer to visit and dive the Florida rivers while they were at a low point. The water was clear and the fossils and coral geodes were everywhere. Jerry Creasman joined me on this trip and we spent the first two days diving the Santa Fe River with my new river boat.

Santa Fe River.

Turtles sunbathing.

Santa Fe River.

It was great having the boat there, I got to check out some areas we had never visited before.


Bird and turtle sharing a log in the river.

Getting the gear ready to dive.

Parked at our first dive site.

Anchor and fish.

Jerry working the bottom at 25 feet with his metal detector.

Jerry and his first underwater find!

Gravel and bone bed on the bottom.

Jerry up after the first dive.

We saw a lot of buzzards or "Lee birds" named by the locals?

Waiting on dinner...

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