We Want YOU, To Come Dive With Us!

Santa Fe River, Gilchrist County, Florida
Jekyll Island, Georgia
June 6th - 15th, 2010

Photos by: Rick Jacquot, Sandy Jacquot

After five days of diving we took a break and headed over to Oleno State Park to checkout the site where the Santa Fe River disappears underground. This is the end of the river. It is about 80 feet deep down to a sinkhole that is about 80 feet in diameter. The water goes underground for three miles and rises at a location downstream called "River Rise" I would hate to be diving in that spot and get sucked into the hole!

If you stare at the river long enough, you can see the water swirl in a circle caused by the underwater sinkhole pulling the water down. I took some very cool time lapse video to show the swirling of the water for our film.

The turtles seemed to love this area of the river. The alligators liked it too, so no swimming allowed.

It looks like a big gator sunning itself, but it's just a rock.

Big vert that Marcy found, not yet identified.

As usual I brought back a ton of fossils and bones. After diving with Robert I spent a couple more days exploring some new areas in the river. I found what I have now named "Rick's Hole #2" With the exception of a hand full of pieces, everything pictured here is from my new location. I will be hitting this site again in September 8^)

All specimens pictured are from the Pleistocene Epoch unless otherwise noted.

Along with the fossils, I brought back the usual stuff you find at a river bottom that the tube monkeys lose in the water. Sunglasses, jewelry, money, even a digital camera. I took the disk out of the camera and was able to download all the pics. This girl went to Paris and a bunch of other places. If I can figure out who she is from some of the pics I'll send it back to her.

The above pics are a ball and socket bone set I found in a hole together. Not yet identified.

Bison horn section.

Petrified wood with knot hole.

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