Revised Second Edition!

This is the story of Smokey the Cat. Join him on his journey across the mountains of Western North Carolina as he battles coyotes and bears, explores old mines, and makes the most unusual friends a cat ever had.

An adventure you will never forget.



Dedication, Acknowledgments, Introduction

Chapter 1:
A New World

Chapter 2:
From Kittens to Cats

Chapter 3:

Chapter 4:
The Circle of Life

Chapter 5:

Chapter 6:
Coming Home

Chapter 7:
For a Friend

Chapter 8:
The Other Side of the Mountain

Chapter 9:
Chub, the Bear

Chapter 10:
The Elders

Chapter 11:
Hello Human


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All money from the sale of the Smokey books goes to cats and other animals that we care for. Some are elderly and have a variety of health issues. One is blind. Bear Cat has kidney disease, vestibular disease and asthma. They eat special prescription food and have monthly vet visits. We also feed a variety of wildlife that lives on our property. Humans are destroying their world. We do what we can to help.

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