We Want YOU, To Come Dive With Us!

Ginnie Springs,
Santa Fe River, Florida
May 17-23, 2008

photos by: Jerry Fortenberry, Rick Jacquot, Tena Hendrix

Santa Fe River.

Sandy in the Santa Fe river on her first fossil hunt. She did great for her first river dive, we stayed down for 1 hour 38 minutes! She found a rare giant armadillo and glyptodont scute and a bunch of other cool stuff.

This is a shot looking up out of the Devils Ear spring, I took this from 34 feet deep.

Flowers in spring.

After four days of diving the river and spring, it was time to head on to other adventures. First we dropped Davina off at the airport to catch her flight home. We then proceeded to the Florida Museum Of Natural History in Gainesville, Florida. This is a must see for fossil nuts, like us!

Jerry checking a giant shark jaw.

Our first stop was at the main collections building where we got to meet Dr. Richard Hulbert, Dr. Hulbert is probably the most educated and knowledgeable paleontologist in the southeast US.

Sandy in the jaws.

We especially liked this set of jaws since all the giant meg teeth came from the Cooper river, our favorite hunting ground.

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