We Want YOU, To Come Dive With Us!

Ginnie Springs
Santa Fe River, Florida
June 5th-12th, 2009

Photos by: Rick Jacquot and Jerry Fortenberry

While Jerry was teaching the class, I was in the river finding a bunch of cool stuff!

Above: Foot pads and leg spurs from the extinct giant land tortoise (largest foot pad measures 1.75" across. Below: Sections of turtle shell showing feeding damage from gators.

Below is a pic of a hoof core (Ungual Phalanx) from a horse, Equus sp.

The next pic shows several pieces of turtle shell from various turtles, all showing gator bites.

Two pieces of jawbone, species unknown.

It is what it looks like, coprolite. This is the smallest piece I have found diving, about 1/2" tall.

I can't decide if this is a petrified knot from a piece of wood or a concretion?

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