We Want YOU, To Come Dive With Us!

Ginnie Springs
Santa Fe River, Florida
June 5th-12th, 2009

Photos by: Rick Jacquot and Jerry Fortenberry

Back at the spring, Jerry's class had passed their water skills test and were now taking the written test.

The next day, we all drove over to dive the Devils Den, an underground sinkhole, very cool.

Gearing up!

Above: A couple of shots from inside the Devils Den. The pic of the sun shining through the roof was taken about 25 feet under, the skull is about 35 feet down. Below: Jerry's graduating class.

Back at the motel, we dried our gear and got ready for the next days dives. We had some party neighbors one night. Below is a pic of their van. I think that back pic is what Gene Simmons from KISS would look like if he was a stork.

Above: Partial vert, not identified yet.

Tapir tooth with root, incisor. Tapirus veroensis?

Partial bison ankle bone, astragulus. Bison antiquus.

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