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Ginnie Springs
Santa Fe River
May 19th-25th, 2007

photos by: Jerry Fortenberry and Rick Jacquot

All specimen pictures in this report are from the Pleistocene period, 1-1.8 millions years, unless otherwise noted.

Our first fossil dive trip of the 2007 season was to Ginnie Springs in Florida, this is a site where Jerry and I drift dive the Santa Fe river for fossils and artifacts.

GeodePat and Marcy had warned me about the fires that were burning out of control in the area. I kept in touch with Ginnie Springs throughout the week before our trip, they assured me that they were smoke free, fortunately, they were right. I did pass through quite a bit of smoke on the way there.

Cruising through Atlanta.

Fires near Valdosta Georgia.

A smoky highway.

After 9 hours of pulling my camper, I arrived Saturday night and setup camp at the park.

Sunday morning I was up and ready for a day of diving. I would dive alone that day as Jerry and Tena would not be arriving until Sunday night.

Gravel bed at the bottom of the Santa Fe River.

First I searched the area where I found my alligator skull last fall at "Rick's Hole", then I moved on to new territory. Not long after I began my first dive, I was rewarded with the best Mastodon tooth I have found so far!

Above: three views of the Mastodon tooth with root, it is listed as a pre-molar in the book.

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