We Want YOU, To Come Dive With Us!

Ginnie Springs
Santa Fe River, Florida
September 27-30, 2006

photos by: Jerry Fortenberry, Rick Jacquot, Pat Cummings

I'll post more pics as I get more of it completed.

The last day, Jerry, Tena, and Pat went back to their secret shallow wading spot for more goodies. John and I sat on the bank for a while and watched, then headed back to the mountains. We'll be back soon though, I need to retrieve the rest of my gator!

More pics :

Plant under water. Rick pic.

To show how clear the water is at the springs, I took this from the bottom of the Devils Eye Spring. I think it is about 30 feet at the bottom.

Jerry getting ready to search an area for fossils. Rick pic.

And the hunt is on!, the area clouds as Jerry fans the silt away. Rick pic.

Once the dust clears, Jerry plucks a fossil from the gravel.

Catfish hiding in some rocks. Rick pic.