We Want YOU, To Come Dive With Us!

Ginnie Springs
Santa Fe River, Florida
September 27-30, 2006

photos by: Jerry Fortenberry, Rick Jacquot, Pat Cummings

Pats alien rock.

Pats freaky monster rock.

After a great day of hunting, it was back to camp and time to celebrate Pats B-day. Pat cooked up a great meal and even had cake, it was great fun.

Pat setting up her camp kitchen.

After a great meal, Jerry and Tena headed back to their hotel, John, Pat and I decided to head down to Ginnie Spring and hang out. The park keeps the spring lit until midnight.

Pat and John.

Ginnie Spring.

The next morning, it was up early and back to do some more diving. John and Pat again headed to their "honey hole" while Jerry and I searched for new fossil beds on the river bottom.

Rick examining a fossil on the river bottom, Jerry pic.

Many great finds were made by Jerry and I, we found ten times more material than our last trip to Florida.

Jerry and John.

Tena, Jerry, John, and Pat, sorting through our finds back at camp.

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